Canadian Jesuits International –EASTER APPEAL “Come to the waters!” This invitation to life by the prophet Isaiah is the theme of CJI’s Easter Appeal for 2018. It focuses especially on young people, who have a whole life in front of them. Join us in building a promising future for young people! In Latin-America: Solidarity with Indigenous Youth – Support the dignity and growth of indigenous youth in Latin America this Easter!; In Syria: Healthcare for young people displaced by war – Young people inside Syria face enormous physical and psychological trauma and many have urgent healthcare needs. Join CJI in giving health and hope to young people in Syria this Easter!
Zimbabwe Project. You will be delighted to hear that on March 23, we were able to send US $4,420.00 off to the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa in Mutare, Zimbabwe.
These funds will be used directly by the Sisters who, together with the recipients, will determine the priorities for spending, probably including continued tuition fees for the nearby vocational school. Sister Eunice will provide a report on the proceeds in due course.
A great “Thank You” for your generosity and loyalty to this program, particularly given that the project is unable to provide tax receipts as it is not registered as a charitable organization.
If you would like more information or are able to help, please fill out your cheque to “Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa”, and give or send it to Marianne Czerwinski, 3744 West 18th Ave Vancouver, V6S 1B2 or email at marianneczerwinski AT You may also give it to Michael Redding, 3335 West 39th Ave., Vancouver, V6N 3A3 or email at michaelredding AT



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