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Science and Faith Reflection Group

This group provides an opportunity for members of the St. Marks Parish community and others to read articles and discussions between scientists and both lay ministers and clergy on topics where science and faith meet.
During the current academic year the group will meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month.


All are welcome to attend these meetings. No previous experience with the group is required. Contact Fr. Rob Allore, SJ at parish.smark AT

Meeting times and topics


The next meeting of our group will take place on Tuesday March 28 at 7:30pm in St. Mark’s Parish church. During this session we will examine the article The Goose-Killing Lake and the Scientists Who Study It by Sarah Zhang. This article, published in the The Atlantic in 2016, will provide the focus of our conversation.
The article can be viewed at the following URL.
The engineering, environmental, biological and sociological issues associated with large scale mining projects are diverse. Though the article The Goose-Killing Lake and the Scientists Who Study It will provide the focus for our discussion, you may finds some of the following material interesting.
A short video and an article on the use of genomics in mining can be viewed at the following URLs.

Letters from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, expressing concern for mining abuses, are also attached.

Discussions of mining operations, in the English language Catholic press, can be found at the following URL.


Canadian mining operations are discussed at the Osgood Digital Commons

During our session we will also consider Sunday’s Gospel reading, John 9:1-41.




7Laudato Si After Paris, COP 21: Our Mission for a Healthy Planet – a Free Public Lecture hosted by St. Mark’s College. This event, held on Friday, Jan 22, 2016, was very successful with over 200 in attendance. Listen to this informative lecture by keynote speakers, Reverend Dr. Robert Allore, SJ, and the Honourable Joyce Murray, Member of Parliament, Vancouver Quadra.

Science and FaithFr. Robert Barron comments about his meeting with Fr. George Coyne, Director of the Vatican Observatory. He speaks of the universe as having a “fertility”, with many common patterns on a macro level (the cosmos) that mimic behaviour biological processes that we can observe our planet. Watch his commentary here…


Faith And Reasoning of the Religious Mind.

Faith is something “subrational” and unworthy of mature people. Philosopher Immanuel Kant encouraged people to “dare to know”, somehow implying that if we acquired more knowledge, we can do away with faith. On the contrary, some of the most intelligent people of faith including St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Paul, and St. Ignatius of Loyola demonstrate how their faith and rational thought can co-exist. Science examines and observes object in the known physical universe, whereas God cannot be measured using scientific evidence. Listen to how Fr. Robert Barron examines the “right” approach to God from a point of rationality and faith.

Across the Universe: Bucks or Buck Rogers?
Read Br. Guy Consolmagno’s article here:
Interview of Fr. George Coyne SJ by Richard Dawkins. Fr. Coyne was formerly the director of the Vatican Observatory. Watch Fr. Coyne share his views on theories of Evolution in relation to our Faith:
Science and FaithRead about Brother Guy, Jesuit Astronomer in this article: “Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno Wins Carl Sagan Medal from the American Astronomical Society”…
Have a look at Brother Guy’s TED talk here