Here is a collection of interesting news articles which relate to people in the Parish.


(01-Sept-2017): Thank you from Sr. Fleurette Sweeney

Dear Members of St. Mark’s community,
Thank you so much for the wonderful expressions of affection we were able to share last Sunday. You have been such a support to the practical expression of my Faith for lo, these many years. My prayer for all us as we continue on our life journeys is that we will grow in our realization of being interconnected within the one Embrace of our Loving God. There’s room for all of us in that Embrace, no matter our age, or stage of development, or understanding. It is from within that Mystery of God’s Love that I relish in a special way, the final words of Robert Frost’s poem, The Tuft of Flowers:
  “Men (we) work together,” I told him from the heart,
  “Whether they work together or apart.”

Several of you asked me to share my contact information in Halifax. It is:
  Caritas Residence
  215 Seton Road
  Halifax, NS B3M 0C9



May-2016; Professor emerita at the UBC, Marketa Goetz-Stankiewicz, to receive the Jiří Theiner Award at Book World Prague.


15-Jan-2014; Two Religious Groups Leave Vancouver; Farewell Sister Monica and the Cenacle Sisters


13-Dec-2013; Pope Francis named Time magazine’s Person of Year


09-July-2013; Jesuit clergyman snaps compelling photographs


22-June-2013; The human genome is not property


26-March-2013; First Latin American Pope surprises Vancouverites


05-March-2013; Jesuits celebrate 400 years in Canada


03-Sep-2012: Among the Indigenous Peoples of Northern Ontario – Fr. Mike Stogre, S.J.


20-Jun-2012: Jesuit Scientists Lead Catholics in New Parish on University of British Columbia Campus


05-Apr-2012: Fr Rob – Genetically suited for the priesthood


18-Feb-2010: Encountering God in the Lab (written by Fr. Rob Allore)


Aboriginal Rights, the Church, & Social Justice (article by Father Michael Stogre, S.J.)