Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP)


Brief Synopsis:

The CCODP team at St. Mark’s Parish raise funds to help the global community through the annual Share Lent Campaign and through the generosity of students and Parishoners.


The representatives meet every third Wednesday of the month from September – November, and from January – June inclusive.  You are welcome to join!!  Contact our D&P representatives Felix Durity and Jenny Cheng for more information.


Detailed information about Development and Peace is available at

Current Events and News


Share Lent 2017 – Women At the Heart of Change

Development and Peace is a strong & diverse movement that brings Canadians together working for justice and enable the poorest people live with respect & dignity. During Lent, D&P will be sharing the stories of inspiring women laying solid foundations for positive change in their communities.
The annual Share Lent collection for Development and Peace will be held on Sunday, April 2.
This year’s campaign, “Women Are at the Heart of Change“, echoes the Pope’s prayer that women world-wide may be “honoured, respected and valued for their essential contribution to society.” Your generous solidarity is vital to the mission of Caritas Canada- D&P. You can donate through your Share Lent envelope or online at give. Pick up some informative materials in the Chapel or visit for more info.


Lenten Reflections

March 5 – First Sunday in Lent

Jesus goes into the wilderness to prepare himself for the ministry that lies ahead. In Lent, we, too, wander in our own spiritual wilderness, preparing ourselves for renewal. Something we may wish to dwell on is how we listen to voices different from our own. This Lent, Development and Peace invites you to listen to the voices of women who are working to build the world of tomorrow! Women have always been at the heart of our organization! Did you know that in 1979, Development and Peace led a campaign to support the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, in Argentina, whose children and grandchildren disappeared under the military dictatorship? Go online to to find out more!


March 12 – Second Sunday in Lent

“Get up and do not be afraid.” The message today is of how God, revealed to us, brings hope and promise. Yet, sometimes it is hard to have such hope after facing disaster. In 2004, a tsunami hit the coastlines around the Indian Ocean, resulting in 300,000 victims. In collaboration with its partners, Development and Peace provided emergency relief, completed the construction of 3,500 permanent homes and related infrastructure, and helped establish 26 community organizations. Go online to to find out more!


March 19 – Third Sunday in Lent


The woman Christ meets at the well is excluded from her community and lives her life on the margins. Too often, many people are excluded and unable to have a voice in political processes. Participation is an important teaching in Catholic Social Thought. Development and Peace has been working with the Congolese Catholic Church to encourage citizen participation and ensure a fair electoral process since the first democratic elections in the DRC in 2006. . Go online to to find out more!


March 26 – Fourth Sunday in Lent


One of the themes in today’s Gospel is how life can sometimes be precarious. In order to create a future of hope, like the blind man we often need to speak up and to show our belief in grace. People affected by war are always living at risk. This week, read the story of Hannan, who tells us how, by speaking up and working with others, she helped 280 Syrian women to build towards a better economic future! For more information go Next Sunday is Share Lent, show your solidarity by your generous gift.


April 2 – Fifth Sunday in Lent

Raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus shows us the promise of the eternal life that He brings to us. This story also shows how He completely enters into the pain and loss that Mary and Martha are feeling. This Solidarity Sunday, we would like to thank you for similarly standing in solidarity with your brothers and sisters around the world through your prayers, your voice and your generous gifts. These are truly acts of mercy. “Mercy is the force that reawakens us to new life” (Pope Francis). This Solidarity Sunday, we remember RigobertaMenchú, a friend of Development and Peace – Caritas Canada, who received the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her work defending the rights of Indigenous peoples. To learn more about this inspiring woman, visit


April 9 – Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday gives us the beautiful image of Christ as both servant and leader, of the unique mission of the Church in the world. Thousands of Development and Peace members enact this mission by striving for justice. Thank you for continuing to pray for all those who are working to build a world of peace and justice, and for supporting your sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East through your generous gifts. If you would like to become more involved in this work as a member or a volunteer, go to, email us at or call 1844 480 DEVP.


2017 Share Lent Workshop – Development and Peace (D&P): Caritas Canada
Join us for the Development and Peace’s Share Lent Workshop entitled ‘At the Heart of Change’. With focus on the struggles and contributions of women around the world, participants will gain a better understanding of the social mission of the church and be offered practical tools and opportunities for engagement. The workshop will take place on Saturday, Feb. 4 at St. Jude’s Parish, 3078 Renfrew St. Vancouver from 10am to 3pm. RSVP to Pinky Pascal at pinky.devpeace AT Coffee and light refreshments will be provided!
For past D&P events, go to the Past Events page, and search for “D&P”

Development and Peace – Who we are

The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) is the member organization in Canada of Caritas Internationalis, a global Confederation of 162 Catholic relief, development and social service organizations that work on behalf of the poor and oppressed in 198 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, often referred to as the Global South. CCODP is one of the largest NGO networks in the world.


Caritas works with and for those in need regardless of creed, race, gender or ethnicity. Its mandate includes integral development, emergency relief, advocacy and education, peace building, respect for human rights, and support for proper stewardship of the Earth’s environment and resources.


The approach is based on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching which focuses on the dignity of the human person and the oneness of the entire human family.


Caritas is unique in its ongoing presence in communities before, during and after crisis situations. It helps to achieve sustainable relief. By working with local grass-root organizations but by being able to draw on national and international expertise and resources, Caritas can take effective action.


In general ten percent of the funds CCODP raises provides for Emergency Aid and the rest targets sustainable development and peace.  The Share Lent Appeal Campaign is the major source of funds for CCODP although Share Year round funding occurs and occasional Emergency Relief Appeals to relieve crises.



There is a National Council, made up of members of the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), with offices headquartered in Montreal with an Executive Committee that exercise policy, approves budget and sets agenda, such as action themes. There are Regional and Diocesan Councils (such as the Archdiocese of Vancouver) made up of representatives from the local areas. The Archdiocese is divided into Zones with St. Mark’s Parish being in the Vancouver West Zone. Each Zone has one or two representatives for a particular parish. For the Parish of St. Mark’s Jenny Cheng and Felix Durity are the current reps.



Development and Peace was established in 1967 by the CCCB in response to an appeal of Pope Paul V1 to help people in the Third World to break the endless cycle of poverty through community-based, community-identified sustainable initiatives. Since its inception CCODP has provided over $441 million to improve lives tangibly in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Over 15,000 projects in 70  countries have been funded to lead to better lives in advancing human rights to food and land , to education, to peace and dignity, and equal rights for all – men, women and children. Endless testimonials from those aided in the Global South give strong witness to lives changed for the better.



Originally, the Canadian International Development Agency CIDA) assisted in providing about $60 million dollars per year to CCODP projects but in 2013 the Harper government drastically cut support by a whopping  67% as CIDA was absorbed into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a changed agenda that tied aid to Canadian corporations working in areas of particular interest to the Government, fostering not the local grass-roots priorities but those and groups that fitted in with the new modus operandi.


As a result, there is a compulsory even greater emphasis by CCODP on relying on the generosity of our Catholic and like-minded donors to fund some of the all too many unmet needs of our brethren in the Global South.


The annual Share Lent Campaign is now the very major source of fund-raising coupled with the as needs be special Emergency Relief Appeals for disaster relief (such as the West African Food drought in 2012, the Syrian Appeal and  the Typhoon Haiyan Philippine Relief Fund in 2013 in very recent times).


With the full support of our pastors and St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi students, the local small Parish Community of St. Mark’s continues to distinguish itself repeatedly by the extra-ordinary generosity of its parishioners to aid our needy brothers and sisters in the Global South.  Only 5% of funds donated go support communications and fund-raising with another 12% for governance and administration. The rest-83% – goes directly to the programs!


To quote Mother Teresa : ” At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by, ‘I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.’   We can add “I was voiceless and weak and you spoke up and defended me”.


Our Local and Diocesan Vancouver council and Representatives.

The current St. Mark’s Development and Peace reps. are Jenny Cheng and Felix Durity. We belong to the Vancouver West Zone. Our current zone leader is Cora Alcuitas of St. Mary’s Parish and our Chair is Pinky Pascual. Our executive consists of a Chair-person, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Our regional animator is Mr. John Gabor of Abbotsford. He leads our workshops.


We meet every third Wednesday of the month from September – November, and from January – June inclusive. We are very desirous of having more members from any parish join us in our work. We hold member workshops throughout the year. We especially wish young people to join us in our  fulfilling mission of serving the poor and disadvantaged. Jenny and I can be contacted through the information provided above (at the start of this page).