Message from the Pastor



Dear Friends,
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Parish of St. Mark’s. If you are new to our community, I would love to welcome you to our family. Please introduce yourself to Fr. Rob and the other parishioners after mass and at our other gatherings.
St. Mark’s Parish is a joyful and vibrant faith community. Thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers who have dedicated their time to their tasks, and more importantly, building relationships in our community. Because of their work, all of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are evident in the life of the parish. Please come to be a part of this community, where you will experience the love and peace of Christ.
Our parish family is welcoming to everyone, from the smallest of children to those of us more advanced in years. Regardless of our age, background and culture, we gather together to be fed at the Table of the Lord. We then become what we receive at the altar, the Body of Christ. Come and see. Come and live the Gospel. Come and be a part of our parish family.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Robert Allore, SJ.
Fr. Michael Rosinski, SJ.
Fr. Bill Wilson, SJ.

Pastoral Team
Fr. Michael Stogre, SJ passed away unexpected last year on June 24, 2015. He will be greatly missed by our community. Read about his life here.
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