This is the official website of St. Mark’s Parish in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Our church provides a home for both students and residents living on or near the University of British Columbia Campus (UBC). Whether you are a Catholic Christian looking to further your faith and service, or someone seeking knowledge of the faith and spirituality, you are welcome here! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Some general orientation information can be found here.


Faith Formation

IgnatiusSabbath about more than rest: Many principles which we practice in our faith, such as keeping the sabbath, has similar parallels in other traditions and faiths. Even the secular world recognizes that God’s commandments for us are not just empty rituals and rules, but they are vital to our health and well being.  Read about Catherine Kelly’s journey and approach to taking our sabbath rest in this Vancouver Courier article:

IgnatiusYoung immigrants to Canada passionate about spirituality: A larger number of young immigrants to Canada are drawn to religious institutions, finding the need to connect with a community, and to find faith in something larger than ourselves. Read about Boh-Ryung Kim’s experience in the Catholic community (and St. Mark’s) since she arrived in Canada.


IgnatiusTraditional vs. Contemporary music? The meaning behind the sacred documents. I have written a few of my thoughts specifically on music for Liturgy, using the Sacred documents from Vatican ii. Read on here…


Also, visit our Faith Formation Page for more interesting articles.


DesertTake a few minutes out of your busy day to read the reflections on this page. Each day bring a new perspective and a different verse from Scripture.

Current Events and Announcements

IgnatiusAug. 22-23, 2016; “Come Away & Rest Awhile”: Sabbath-Keeping & Self-Care Retreat. Join Catherine M. Kelly, M.Div. for a two-day retreat on the essentiality of Sabbath keeping. For more information and to register, click here…


IgnatiusHospitality volunteers needed: We are looking for hospitality volunteers to assist in welcoming & serving our community. If you can assist in this activity, please introduce yourself to hospitality ministers serving coffee after Mass.

Social Justice Activities and Announcements


7Refugee Family Sponsorship News (click here).
7Spiritual Care & Multifaith Services, UBC Hospitals – Extended Care Unit (Purdy Pavilion) – Volunteers Needed. If you enjoy interacting with older people and wish to assist them so they can participate in the Spiritual / Worship programs, please contact Audrey Wong at 604-822-7042 or by email at Audrey.Wong AT vch.ca



IgnatiusSt. Mark’s Children’s ministry: Have a look at the weekly reflection here… .
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! We are looking for parents & university students to assist in the organization of children’s liturgy activities at the Parish. Please contact Caroline Lindholm.
Meetings are weekly during the 9:30am Sunday Liturgy. Read more about the ministry here (scroll down to item #4).

Christian Life Community (CLC).What is your deepest desire? What does God want for you in your life? We are the Christian Life Community (CLC), a world-wide lay community rooted in Ignatian spirituality – a unique method of prayer and faith formation developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola. For more information, please contact Catherine Kelly, M. Div.

Jesuits LogoJesuit Volunteers of Canada is a year or two of service and living based on the four values of Christian spirituality, social and eco justice, community, and simple living! Click here to read more, and to learn about opportunities.